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June 4th, 2004: NOBUGS conference

The next NOBUGS conference will take place

October 18th-20th, 2004 at the PSI

March 5th, 2004: McStas 1.8 is here!

The new version is finally out! Get it from the download page!

A lot of new and improved stuff is in there, have a look at the CHANGES document.

Two other important pieces of information is that

  • McStas is now formally covered by the GNU General Public License
  • We now offer nightly CVS builds of what we have in the development source tree. Please note that the CVS versions are not to be regarded as stable:
    • Features may come and go
    • Bugs will occur
    • But you will always have the 'bleeding edge' features of McStas

The reason for providing CVS versions and licensing by the GPL is to further encourage contributions to the project. Our policy is that anyone who wants to contribute something useful should be allowed to, and will be given proper credit for his work. The current release includes work by the core developer team as well as:

  • Stuart Ansell and Dickon Champion, ISIS
  • Uwe Filges, PSI
  • Chris Ling, Ross Stewart, ILL
  • Lise Arleth, Risø
Thank you for your contributions!

February 18th, 2004: Mailing list + new search capabilities

On February 10th, the McStas mailinglist was restored.

Today, a new search page was added to the website. This enables McStas users to search the McStas websites at RISØ and ILL as well as the mailinglist

January 29th, 2004: Mailing list / website trouble

The Risø IT department has been updating the webserver running the mailinglist and website of McStas. Because of technical problems the website has been down for a couple of days, and the mailinglist is still not functioning correctly. We hope to have everything working again soon.

January 12th, 2004: SPIE conference in Denver, august 2nd-6th

Don't forget the SPIE conference:


We would like to see many McStas related presentations there! :)

Submit your abstract through this link

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