The distribution packages for McStas may be downloaded via This page is obsolete - please refer to our GitHub install pages instead

Installing McStas 2.4 and later on Windows

See bottom of page for known issues for this platform.


The Windows installation bundle has no configurable options and defaults to install McStas in

Start it after installation by using the desktop links mcstas-2.4-shell and mcgui-2.4.

After installation, please place this configuration file in your C:\mcstas-2.4\lib\tools\Python\mccodelib folder (hint: run 'start %MCSTAS%' from the terminal and you should get an explorer window in C:\mcstas-2.4\lib)

Windows Subsystem for Linux (Win10 x64 only)

As an alternative to the above approach, you can also run our Debian Linux binaries directly under Windows via the WSL (Windows 10 64bit and newer only.

Description and recipe:

Partnering with Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft has released the (experimental) feature "Windows subsystem for Linux" (WSL), also known as "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows". Read more here and here.

It turns out that it is relatively straightforward to get McStas running under this new feature - thereby overcoming some of the annoyances of McStas on the Windows platform.

To try it out, please follow the below steps

  1. Install a copy of Windows 10 64 bit
  2. Update it beyond "Windows 10 Version 1607" - aka the "anniversary build"
  3. Enable "developer mode" in settings
  4. Use "turn features on or off" to enable "Bash in windows"
  5. Start bash via the start icon / cmd+esc
  6. Install McStas as usual on a Debian systems. Also remember that you can easily install openmpi etc.
  7. Currently (May 2017), the WSL is based on Ubuntu 14.04, so you will likely have to install the package python3-pyqtgraph manually, see issue 471 for how to install a newer version from the 16.04 repos
  8. Install and start the Xming X-server
  9. Turn back to your bash and execute

As the feature is considered experimental, you might still find some rough edges, but so far it seems functional and looks very promising!

A few extra tips:

Please report any trouble in using these instructions to

Known issues for the Windows platform - mostly obsolete from v. 2.4:

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