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The Multilayer_Sample Component

Multilayer Reflecting sample using matrix Formula.



in order to get this to compile you need to link against
the gsl and gslcblas libraries.

to do this automatically edit

add -lgsl and -lgslcblas to the CFLAGS line

Horizontal reflecting substrate defined by SLDs,Thicknesses, roughnesses
The superphase may also be determined

Example: Multilayer_Sample(xmin=-0.1, xmax=0.1,zmin=-0.1, zmax=0.1, nlayer=1,sldPar={0.0,2.0e-6,0.0e-6},dPar={20.0}, sigmaPar={5.0,5.0})

Example: d1 500: sld1 (air) 0.0: sld2 (Si) 2.07e-6: sldf1(film Ni) 9.1e-6

WARNING: This is a contributed Component.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
Name Unit Description Default
xwidth m Width of substrate 0.2
zlength m Length of substrate 0.2
nlayer 1 Number of film layers 1
sldPar 1 (Angstoms ^-2) Scattering length Density's of layers {0.0
dPar 1 (Angstroms) Thicknesses of film layers {20.0}
sigmaPar 1 (Angstroms) r.m.s roughnesses of the interfaces {5.0
frac_inc 1 Fraction of statistics to assign to incoherent scattering 0
ythick m Thickness of substrate 0
mu_inc m^-1 Incoherent scattering length 5.62
target_index 0
focus_xw 0
focus_yh 0

Output parameters

Name Unit Description Default


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