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Overview of McStas tools

Overview of available tools/commands

As of McStas 2.1, the list of gui/commandline tools below are available.
  • Tools marked in bold are included and installed by default in the "meta-packages"
  • Tools marked in italic are included in the "meta-packages" but may need extra configuration/dependencies (Windows, Mac OS X, RedHat Linux)
  • Tools in normal text are not included in the "meta-packages" and must be independently installed.
  • mcgui - main Perl-Tk user interface
  • mcrun - Perl-based simulation script
  • mcrun-py - Python-based simulation script
  • mcplot - Perl + PGPLOT / Gnuplot / Matlab plotting script
  • mcplot-chaco-py - Python + Chaco plotting script
  • mcplot-matplotlib-py - Python + matplotlib plotting script
  • mcdisplay - Perl + PGPLOT / VRML / Matlab / Mantid 3D instrument visualization
  • mcdisplay-x3d-py - Python + X3D 3D instrument visualization
  • mcdisplay-matplotlib-py - Python + matplotlib 3D instrument visualization
  • mcdisplay-r-py - Python + R 3D instrument visualization
  • mcdisplay-vtk-py - Python + VTK 3D instrument visualization

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