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Other pieces of documentation

Besides the main elements of documentation, we have collected other smaller pieces of relevant documentation:
  • A document (postscript (.ps) format, 160 Kb) describing an interface between the TASCOM control program and McStas on the Risø spectrometer RITA-1.
  • A draft of the American standard for writing components for neutron simulation, in PDF format (10 Kb).
  • The Conditions of use for McStas.
  • A report (in Danish) on the results of testing a Compaq Alphaserver DS10 as a computation server running on-line McStas simulations of current neutron instrument configurations.
  • A report on a first simulation of polarised neutrons, by Trefor Roberts <>. The simulation is very basic, but nevertheless privides a good starting point for doing polarised neutrons in McStas.
  • A document describing the first prototype of McStas, available in a4 postscript, dvi, and pdf formats.

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